United States The Cornerstone of Hope Orphanage headquarters in the United States in the midwestern community of Urbandale, Iowa. With a mission to provide high-quality care and love to orphan or vulnerable children in Nigeria and Sierra Leone, and if possible, to find each child a loving forever family; the headquarters strives to stabilize and provide hope for all of the precious children cared for by our orphanage by working hard at the following:

  • Raise awareness for orphans, provide educational presentations to churches, schools, business groups, and other interested groups.
  • Raise funds to operate our orphanages.
  • Identify new opportunities to help more children.
  • Make adoption a possibility by informing our donors and supports of children that are available.
  • Set up mission trips.

Nigeria The vision is alive and well! The orphanage all started when God gave Eric a dream to start an orphanage in his hometown. From a humble beginning in 2005, Eric banded together with a few people and today the orphanage has a loving staff, a proper home, and great volunteers that make a difference in our children’s lives!

Today, the orphanage strives to fulfill the vision to “Share Love, Build Hope and Change Lives!” Those who have traveled to Benin City to the orphanage have had the opportunity to see what is happening and to meet the children. Thank you to all who have traveled, volunteered and donated… we continue to use your support in the most efficient way we can to give the children the opportunity to succeed in life!

Our staff loves the children and makes them part of a family, we are educating the children so they have hope and we are changing the lives of the children by giving them personal self worth to succeed after they leave the orphanage. One exciting example of the effectiveness of the staff is that all of the children in school passed the year-end exams to move to the next grade! This may seem like a small accomplishment until you realize that this is their first real school experience.

Cornerstone of Hope Orphanage in Nigeria desires to do more for more children who are now living on the streets and needs your help! There are opportunities for reconfiguration and expansion of the orphanage that would allow for more children and more changed lives!