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The vision is alive and well!
The orphanage all started when God gave Eric’s dream to start an orphanage in his hometown.  From that humble beginning in 2005, Eric with a few people banded together and today  we have a loving staff, a building and great volunteers that make a difference in our children's lives!

Those who have traveled to Benin City to the orphanage have had the opportunity to see what is happening and to meet the children. We thank God for guiding you to us so we have the opportunity to help them!  We continue to use your money in the most efficient way we can to give the children the opportunity to succeed in life!  We are fulfilling our call to “Share Love, Build Hope and Change lives! “ Our staff Loves the children and makes them part of a family, we are educating the children so they have “Hope” and we are “Changing the lives of the children” by giving them the personal self worth to succeed after they leave the orphanage.

One exciting example of the effectiveness of the staff is that all of the children in school passed the year-end exams to move to the next grade!  This may seem like a small accomplishment until you realize that this is their first real school experience.

We want to do more for more children who are now living on the streets and we need your help! The reconfiguration and expansion of the orphanage is critical to our plans to bring in more children and change their lives!  Initially, we thought that we could fit as many as 20 children in the facility because at that time we thought we would have  infants, but the children that we have are between the ages of 5 and 10 years old.  They need a lot more room and we need to have separate facilities for the boys and girls as well as separate areas for the younger children and older children.  We turn down new children that the government brings to us frequently because we don't have the appropriate facilities to handle more children.

We want to change this!
Every donation makes a difference!   Please consider one of two following things:
*Sponsor a child by donating $60 a month to take care of their needs.
*Send us a one time donation to help with the construction.

When you sponsor a child, you ensure that we will be able to accept new children into our home instead of leaving them in the streets.
God Bless You!